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Prova General Purpose Clamp-on Probe

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  • Non-contact current monitoring and waverform pick-up through DMM or lab scope
  • Measures DC or AC current when DMM or lab scope is in DC or AC millivolt range
  • One-touch ZERO adjustments for DC current measurements
  • Low battery and power LEDs
  • Connects to any brand of DMM or lab scope using supplied leads or optional adapters200A position allows over range to 400A for cranking current tests
  • Waveform pick-up in all ranges allows current ramping when connected to lab scopes
  • Supplied with 2AA cells, shrouded banana jack plug leads, and soft carry case
  • Works as both a low and high amp probe
  • Measuring jaw is large enough to fit all battery cables


Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm