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COP Secondary Paddle Probe

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Easily scope COP and DIS ignition systems using the AES COP Secondary Paddle Lead (Capacitive).

This rugged 10-foot long, capacitive secondary lead includes a flexible yet sensitive ‘paddle’ that picks up the secondary signal from any COP system on the road today.  The thin ‘paddle’ gets into tight spots that no bulky probe can.



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The AES COP Secondary Paddle Lead (Capacitive) is attenuated 1,000:1, this means that each 1V displayed on your scope represents 1000V in the secondary. – Jorge from adds, “This is approximate. There are so many different ignition systems and test points that it is impossible to have a specific calibration. In this case, the 1000:1 is more reflective of the circuit that is used inside the probe to attenuate the signal.”

Use the The AES COP Secondary Paddle Lead (Capacitive) with both analog and digital scopes to view waveforms one cylinder at a time on these systems:
– DIS (EI)

Scope Setup
General instructions for setting your scope to display a COP and DIS signal are included with the test lead.
Test Lead Configuration
Standard lengths are 6-ft and 10-ft long.
Connection to scope: The test lead is configured with either BNC or banana plugs for connecting to your scope (tell us which connector you need when placing your order).  For scopes with banana plug inputs, the lead’s ground banana plug is stackable to allowing other channels to access the scope’s ground when using multiple channels.
Connection to vehicle: The test lead has two connections to make on the vehicle: Large gator to vehicle ground and paddle for signal.
This is the most costeffective probe for aquiring ignition secondary patterns from COP coils. This low cost probe provides a clear signal for mot COP vehicles. Can also be used on waste spark and singl coil vehicles.


Characteristics of the AES COP Secondary Paddle (Capacitive) Test Lead
(AES# 01-16):
Attentuation*:   1000:1
Connector at Scope**:   Available with Banana Plugs, BNC, BNC Fluke-style, BNC insulated
Cable:   ST3, shielded
Color:   Black
Length:     6-ft and 10-ft (ask about custom lengths)
Connector(s) at vehicle:   Signal: Sensitive, flexible sensor paddle
Ground: Stainless steel Gator with large Jaw
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 10 cm