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Coil-On-Plug Ignition Probe

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Scope each COP cylinder, one at a time, and quickly with the WyzeProbe!
This 15-inch probe makes it easier to access the coils.

Works on all labscopes! Industrial and automotive.

Test lead sold separately, see below.

Does more than just COP
* Superimpose secondary ignition patterns on conventional ignition by simply placing probe on the ignition coil or coil wire.
* Superimpose secondary ignition patterns on HEI (Coil-in-Cap) ignition, by simply placing probe on distributor cap center position.

Does more than just Secondary Ignition
* Alternator diode pattern: place WyzeProbe tip on rear (ground) case of alternator. Instead of fighting to get to the positive output terminal of alternator.
* Injector on time: provides a quick way to verify on time and mechanical problems on some injectors used with with COP ignition.

* works on most 2- and 3-wire coil on plug systems. Coil consturction may prevent capturing a signal on some 3-wire and 4-wire coils.
* Faster than scoping the primary!
* Find misfires that don’t set trouble codes without scraping your knuckles or getting dirty.
* Fully shielded to probe tip.
* Capacitive protected to avoid damage to your test equipment.
* Works on all labscopes!
* Works with Snap-on Vantage (ignition patterns only).
* No batteries required!
* Test lead sold separately, see below.

* 15-inch WyzeProbe for Secondary Ignition and COP



Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 28 × 11 cm