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Motorvac Cool Smoke EVAP Tester

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  • New safer, healthier technology.  Uses no heat to create high visibility smoke
  • Using 0.5psi pressure control, Cool Smoke has the
    highest flow rate of any smoke machine
  • Instant, high performance vapor enriched with UV dye
  • Ready for future EVAP Systems
  • Rugged housing and built-in adapter storage
  • Uses 12 volt DC with only 1 amp draw rate



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The MotorVac Cool Smoke was specifically developed to OEM specifications for diagnosing vehicle EVAP
system leaks. Additionally, the MotorVac Cool Smoke will also find intake manifold system leaks, exhaust
system leaks and under-dash vacuum system leaks. It will also diagnose many other closed systems where
you may suspect a leak, as well as pinpointing wind and water leaks entering the vehicle’s passenger and
trunk compartments. Its unique design allows the operator to confirm the integrity of the system being tested
by utilizing a metered-air system. If the tool has confirmed a leak in the system being tested, the tool then
introduces a special non-toxic diagnostic marked-vapor (smoke) into the system.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 28 × 35 × 31 cm