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FirstLook Engine Diagnostic Pulse Sensor

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FirstLook Engine Diagnostic Pulse Sensor

Is your scan tool telling you the truth?
Chances are your scan tool does not lie but if the mechanical condition of the engine is compromised it may provide wrong information.

Use the FirstLook* to verify the mechanical condition of the engine before using your scan tool.

Connect FirstLook* to your lab scope and run the following tests:
* Cold Crank: relative compression
* Warm Idle: cylinder efficiency
* Power Brake: Capture intermittent problems
Perform these tests with the versatile FirstLook* connected to your scope and inserted into the exhaust (pressure) or intake manifold (vacuum

FirstLook* Engine Diagnostic Sensors
* Works with most modern lab scopes (Snap-on, Pico, Bosch, uScope, etc…)
* Fast engine diagnostics
* Find intermittent problems with ease
* Verify Injector function in minutes
* Save time and MONEY !!!

How does FirstLook* Engine Diagnostic Sensor work?
By mapping the pulse waves generated by the engine FirstLook can be used to quickly spot failures in the engine system. Also by using a trigger you can spot these failures to specific cylinders. On those cars with accessible fuel pressure regulars Firstlook allows you to see the pressure drop in the fuel rail caused by the injectors as they fire.

Firstlook* Theory of Operation
The FirstLook sensor looks at the pulse waves generated by the normal operation of internal combustion engine.


The sensor detects these pulse waves through either the exhaust or vacuum sides of the engine. All engines produce a predictable pattern of these pulses which can easily be displayed on most commercially available lab scopes when connected to FirstLook. This pulse wave is sensed and the voltage is output for display by the lab scope. Any change or irregularity in this predictable pattern can be traced back to problems in the engine. The pulse wave can also be affected by unburned fuel in the exhaust and this abnormality is also detected and displayed. The FirstLook* sensor does not require any external source of power, so you never need to purchase or replace batteries.

Click here to read about FirstLook* in Motor Magazine.

Contents of the )))FirstLook* Sensor Kit
* Model ADS ES 100 Autmotive Engine Diagnostic Sensor with rubber tailpipe extension and spring retainer
* 25ft Male BNC to Male BNC Cable
* Female BNC to Banana Jack plug Cable
* Vacuum Line Adapter
* Model ADS ES 100 Operations Manual with
* Timing Chart
Click here to read the user manual.

Articles that mention the Firstlook tool:

Driveability Corner from Motor Magazine, April 2006 by Mark Warren
A sophisticated oscilloscope-based tool reminds us that automotive old-timers, with their rudimentary tools and deceptively simple diagnostic tests, might have been on to something after all.

Driveability Corner from Motor Magazine, June 2006 by Mark Warren