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AL329 Code Reader

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AL329 Code Reader is easy to use. Software navigation: Easily follow on screen instructions to access all diagnostic functions and OE learning procedures. Quick key:. LED indicator lights: One click I/M readiness key performs testing on active vehicle monitors to confirm if DTC’s are present.Auto VIN: Quick read DTCs: VIN will be automatically displayed when manufacturer specific codes are read. Service features:. Auto VIN to Quickly Read & Clear DTCs . Retrieve Vehicle Information (VIN, CIN, CVN). Reset Check Engine Light. Read & Clear Malfunction Indicator Light. AL329 Code Reader has One Click 1/M Emissions Readiness Key. Graph, Record and Playback Live Data. Display Live and Freeze Frame Data. Enhanced Mode 6 Diagnostics. Multi-Lingual. Internet Updateable. Diagnostic Features:. Freeze frame data. Easy to follow navigation. System status screen AL329

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