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FirstLook ADS ES100

FirstLook ADS ES 100 Sensor

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The ADS ES 100 Sensor is intended for use with Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. Using this sensor to detect and observe pulses in the exhaust pipe and in the crankcase through the oil dipstick tube allows the technician to rapidly assess the mechanical condition of the engine, without ever needing to use even a wrench.

Relative cylinder compression, rings and exhaust valve condition, and even the presence of pressure loss into the crankcase may easily be evaluated in just a few minutes of testing. If problems are noted in these tests, it is very likely that the OBD codes showing on a scanner will prove to be erroneous. On the other hand if all seems well by these tests, the OBD codes will very likely prove correct.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 38 × 28 × 11 cm