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FirstLook ADS ES100-D

FirstLook ADS ES 100-D Sensor

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This sensor kit contains the same sensor as in the ADS ES 100 automotive kit, except that it has been modified to include a higher temperature resistant hose, a 50’ coaxial cable, larger retaining springs and a hand clamp on the probe hose to facilitate the larger diameter exhaust pipes on large diesel vehicles.

With the diesel engine, a simultaneous pulse train graph from the crankcase, taken through the dipstick hole, and a pulse train taken from the exhaust pipe will tell the tale. One set of data is taken at “cold crank”, with no fuel fed into the engine, and another is taken at warm idle, when the engine is up to operating temperature. Comparing these traces, taken without the need for any use of tools or disassembly, will clearly show the physical condition of the engine and point to any valve, head gasket, cylinder ring or cracked piston problem that may exist.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 38 × 28 × 11 cm